About the Book

This is Jennifer's third book.  She also co-authored Goodnight Cowtown with Robin Bumstead and authored Goodnight San Antonio, Goodnight Dallas-walkSREM(R) Edition and Goodnight Firehouse.  This 40 page hardcover book, Goodnight Dallas, shares the city's most iconic establishments through fun engaging text and beautiful illustrations. It's important to learn about new places and to establish a sense of pride and a real knowledge base in children about where they are from.  Where you grow up and visit help to shape you as a person. The hope is that families will visit the places in the book and further the sense of pride and the knowledge children have about where they live.  Dallas has smooch history and the locations in the book have wonderful stories and are full of adventure.  Enjoy Dallas!


Jennifer Drez, Author

Jennifer Drez is the author of Goodnight Cowtown, Goodnight Dallas, Goodnight Dallas-walkSTEM® Edition, Goodnight San Antonio, and her newest book, Goodnight Firehouse.

Jennifer started out her publishing career with, simply, a love of the great state of Texas – a deep affection for her beloved hometown of Fort Worth, and a fondness for the people and places that make a town special.  

As a mother of three sons, Jennifer also realized early on the importance of children finding comfort and delight in “home.” She wrote her first book, Goodnight Cowtown, with co-author Robin Beal Bumstead in 2011 as she was teaching her young sons about the wonders of where they live. And while guiding them through the unique history, landmarks, and lore of Fort Worth, Jennifer realized other families might want to instill in their own children a love for and sense of pride in their community. Inspired by a book they saw on a trip to New Orleans (Cornell Landry and Louis Schmitt’s Goodnight NOLA), Jennifer and Robin then teamed with local artist Lisa Carrington Voight to bring their text and the city’s attractions to life in colorful, realistic illustrations. A successful series was born.

Jennifer and Lisa went on to add Goodnight San Antonio (2013), Goodnight Dallas (2014), and Goodnight Dallas-walkSTEM® Edition (2014) to their collection of books, enlightening Texans and millions of visitors about breathtaking architecture, museums, and parks; unique cultures, and histories; exciting sports teams and more that make these cities so rich for exploration, learning, and discovery. 

In 2019, Jennifer is releasing Goodnight Firehouse, working with real-life Fort Worth firefighter and artist Kyle Clay to help young readers and firehouse fans everywhere bid a gentle “goodnight” to the essential machines and equipment fire crews use to do their jobs. The book also opens readers’ eyes to the dangers of fire and provides helpful fire prevention and safety tips. While a slight departure from her previous “city” books, Goodnight Firehouse is still a celebration of community – community heroes, specifically – a theme that runs through all of Jennifer’s books. 

Jennifer Drez has sold more than XX,XXX copies of her “Goodnight” titles, applying a sharp business acumen to her thriving publishing program. She sells her series of books online and in local bookstores, boutiques, and hotels that give the “city” books to clients and guests. One hotel in Dallas even created a special “Goodnight Package" for families that included a teepee in the room along with a copy of Goodnight Dallas and other surprises.

A graduate of Tulane University, where she studied art history and business, Jennifer also received her MBA in finance from Southern Methodist University. When she’s not working on her next children’s books, she enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband David, three sons, and two dogs, Coco and Rocky. Visit Jennifer’s website at www.jenniferdrez.com.



Lisa Carrington Voight

Lisa Carrington Voight is a Fort Worth native and Baylor University graduate of graphic design.  With a passion for decorative art and illustration, Voight's painted murals and canvases can be found in residences and businesses throughout North Texas.